Inner Alchemy

Full Moon Detox

The Moon is at the heart and soul of human life.  The phases of the moon coincide with the biological rhythms in human, animal and plant life, and its gravitational pull effects the daily tides.

Why is the Full Moon Relevant to Detox?

Have you ever noticed that you feel differently at times?  It's not just you.  Everything in nature has cycles.  The seasons are just one example.  And within those cycles are more cycles, like days, weeks, and months.

These circadian cycles play a huge role in our health because they influence our bodies levels of neurotransmitters.

Melatonin in one of these neurotransmitters influenced by the moon cycle.  It plays an important role in the body, by fighting off critters (the "bad" bacteria, funguses and parasites).   When Melatonin levels are down, the critters take advantage of our system.  

Serotonin is another.  It is a "feel good"  neurotransmitter.  But it stimulates parasitic activity.  When you have less serotonin, critters are paralyzed.

During  the Full Moon there is a drop in melatonin levels downregulating the immune system and a spike in serotonin which enables an increase in parasite mobility. 

Critters are more active around the full moon so it is the perfect time to provide your body with extra support to maximize detox results and evict those unwanted guests from your body!

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The Next Full Moon is October 31, so be sure to Order a couple weeks in advance.   For best results... Follow your Full Moon Detox Challenge with the 5-Day Detox,  The Waning Phase of the Moon (between the Full Moon and the New Moon) is the best time to Detox.  It's a cycle of releasing energy, so a great time for starting a detox, cleanse, and weight loss program.

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