Inner Alchemy

Alchemize your Health, Your Body and Your Weight!

We are all unique... on a physiological, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Each of us has our own individual biochemistry, alchemical process, and natural ability to heal, regulate and maintain our health - a unity and harmony between mind, body, emotions and spirit.

The Health & Weight Alchemy program honors each individual's unique multi-dimensional needs and exists to serve those who are looking to find their way back to vibrant health, well-being and weight. This individualized coaching program empowers individuals with a results-driven roadmap, inspiration and coaching support to do the inner alchemy needed to take control of their own health and transform the lead in their health and lifestyle into gold, creating extraordinary health... and life! 

How is the Health & Weight Alchemy Program Different?

Most wellness and weight loss programs are narrowly focused on diet and exercise... calories in and calories out, which often includes a focus on strictly removing fat, reducing calories and eliminating carbohydrates...

These traditional, narrow approaches will NEVER work for long-term health because our bodies and our health are multi-dimensional and so complex and dynamic.  There's a whole universe underneath our skin!

The Health & Weight Alchemy Program transcends the traditional weight loss program approach and utilizes many different and powerful approaches, including Medical Astrology, to create a unique nutrition and lifestyle recipe for changing your health from the inside out.  

"Anyone who practices medicine without taking into consideration the movement of stars is a fool" ~Hippocrates (460 BC) 'the father of medicine'~

You will discover:

  • An individualized holistic approach to reaching your goals and sustaining for life!  We will be  looking at all the lifestyle factors that influence your weight and health – not only nutrition and exercise.
  • An intuitive way of eating instead of calorie counting
  • What, when and how to eat based upon your unique biochemistry for optimal metabolic function
  • How sleep, hydration and toxicity levels are affecting your health and weight
  • How to alchemize the thought and behavior patterns that are sabotaging your health and weight... and keeping you stuck
  • How to reduce stress, own your power... and truly live happily in your body!

When you don't address all these important variables in the health and weight equation, it is impossible to achieve and sustain optimal weight and health!

Here is How it Works...



YOUR BODY AND THE COSMOS READING:  Evaluate your inner eco-system based upon your birth chart to help us determine what you need to do to balance this eco-system for optimal health and vitality. Receive health, nutrition and aromatherapy solutions specific to your birth chart.  

ASSESSMENT: Evaluate your current foundational nutrition and lifestyle needs, as well as your physiological stress load using a series of questionnaires focused on the lifestyle factors:  What You Eat, Stress, Sleep, When you Eat, Digestion, Gut Microbiota Balance, and Detoxification needs

Determine your Metabolic Type and Primal Eating Pattern...  It has been said that “one person’s food is another person’s poison” - Lucretius.   In fact, your body’s nutritional requirements are as unique as your fingerprints. Metabolic Typing is a precise and accurate method for creating a highly individual nutritional strategy that builds and sustains health, based upon your biochemical individuality.


Receive an individualized holistic program prescription and nutrition, exercise and lifestyle recommendations, including an eating plan, based on your assessment results and your health and weight loss goals. 

Participate in a 90-minute coaching session to review your program prescription, foundational principles, and create an action plan to achieve your goals. 

STEP 3:  BEGIN THE ALCHEMY!  Implement recommended strategies and lifestyle changes and receive coaching support.  The standard package structure is as follows, but can be customized to fit your unique needs:

·Six weekly 30-minute check-ins by skype or phone.

·Weekly inspiration and educational materials to support your process.

·Two 60-minute coaching sessions as needed to help you reach your goals.  (Additional sessions may be scheduled a la carte.)


Re-evaluate at a time determined by you and your progress by retaking questionnaires. Fine tune your program to continue to maximize and sustain results. Guidelines will be given for continuing your program on your own.  At this time, you will be given the option of continuing the program with the guidance of your coach.

Schedule your 30-minute Complementary Consultation

During this session, learn more about program specifics, discuss your health and weight loss goals... and determine if this program is right for you!

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